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Reiki Training & Attunements

- First Degree Reiki - Reiki I

- Second Degree Reiki - Reiki II

- Third Degree Reiki - Reiki III - Master Practitioner / Master Teacher

Reiki is simple, safe and available to everyone. It is a completely natural healing source of energy that can be tapped in to for inner calm and improved well-being on demand and therefore works well with both orthodox and other complementary treatments

Reiki is available to everyone and is not dependant on intellectual capacity, age or background. It is simple to learn and passed on from Reiki Master/Teacher to student during an attunement.

A Reiki attunement is a special and profound experience. There are three progressive levels of attunement with Level three being the highest. Reiki I and II are each taught in one session and Reiki III is split into two parts covering 3 days.

An outline of these four training courses are provided below. Each course consists of lectures, discussion, the attunement and also practical hands-on experience. You will also receive a detailed manual relating to each course as a point of reference.

Once you have been attuned to the Reiki energy during level one, it will remain with you for the rest of your life assisting and supporting you in all that you wish to achieve.

Courses are held for individuals and groups and can be arranged to suit your diary.

We also have a regular friendly follow-on support group for sharing, discussion and personal development for people who wish to further their growth.


First Degree Reiki - Reiki I

The course content will include:-

- Reiki defined
- The history
- How Reiki works
- The Reiki principles
- How to use Reiki
- Reiki I Attunement
- Self Treatment
- Treating Others

Cost 120 per person (100 if two plus)



Second Degree Reiki - Reiki II

The course content will include:-

- Learning the Reiki symbols
- Activating the Reiki symbols
- Distance healing
- Reiki II Attunement
- Healing unwanted habits
- Activating goals
- Scanning and beaming
- Reiki practice and case studies

Cost 150 per person (120 if two plus)



Third Degree Reiki - Reiki III

The Third Degree is split into two parts and taught separately. The first part is the Master Practitioner course which is a full day and stands in its own light. The second part is the Master Teacher course which is taught over two full days. Course manuals are supplied.
1. These level three courses are for the dedicated healer.
2. It is necessary to have completed Reiki I and II and to have gained considerable experience before advancing to the Reiki III courses.
3. It is not necessary to have taken Reiki I and II with me.

Master Practitioner

The course content will include:-
- Master Symbol for increased power
- Reiki moving meditation
- Aura clearing/ Psychic surgery
- The Reiki crystal grid
- Advanced empowerment of goals
- Reiki attunement exercise

Cost 200 per person (150 if two plus)


Master Teacher

The course content will include:-
- Initiation and principles of teaching
- Advanced meditation technique
- Two additional symbols
- Healing attunement
- Attuning others
- Values and spiritual orientation
- Practice

Cost 400 per person(300 if two plus)



Available dates:

I usually hold reiki training sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please contact me if you'd like to book on a course or request a session at an alternative time.





Trish Norman,
4 Natural Healing,
Woking, Surrey, UK.


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- Reiki healing therapy
- Indian Head Massage
- Emotional Freedom
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- Self Esteem/Confidence
- Weight Management
- Smoking Cessation
- Stress Management
- Coping with Bereavement
- Phobia Management
- Hypno-healing
- Wedding Ceremonies
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- Baby naming Ceremonies
- Special Ceremonies