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About Me

It is my passion to actively promote a holistic approach to optimum health and wellbeing for us all -available to us all when we allow ourselves to explore our options and our own personal, unique truth. We each have the opportunity to consciously choose to take personal responsibility for our own health and life experiences.

I take great joy from being able to be a catalyst to inspire you to see and embrace your uniqueness, the natural beauty and talents within you and each of us, and the countless miracles surrounding us all which we can readily experience - right NOW.

My Story

My life took a very new and unexpected path and opened a wonderful, spiritual doorway, when I experienced personal tragedy early in 1998. I had no idea at the time that one of Mum’s last precious conversations - a request to take care of my own health - would have such a profound impact on me. I was feeling bewildered and unwell after losing our lovely Mum, with dear Dad, whom she had cared for so selflessly, now also within a few months of his own life. I chose to follow Mum's poignant request and went to my Doctor for a check-up. He advised me that, under the circumstances, I would benefit from bereavement counselling.

The obvious choice for me was to visit my local Natural Healing Centre, and that was where I began to learn of alternative therapies. In particular I discovered and learned about Reiki and life took a wonderful turn as a result. I quickly started to feel better within myself and found renewed inner strength and peace. The kindness, warmth and generosity from those special people proved to be just what I needed. One day in particular, the most wonderful opportunity and gift was presented to me – when it was explained that I too could facilitate healing for others. I was bowled over to learn that we all have this ability to be a channel for healing, for ourselves and others quite naturally. It is readily available to us all and a Reiki attunement will empower us to simply ‘switch it on’.

That was really all I needed to know, I so strongly knew this was for me. As soon as a date was available I booked in for the training day and that was the beginning of my amazing adventure. I was attuned to the first level of Reiki and within a short time I became a regular voluntary healer at the healing centre one evening a week. I also continued to be thrilled with the results from giving Reiki at home, work, to friends and indeed anyone who would benefit from its unique ability to go to the source of the problem and channel healing energy.

Reiki was now very much a part of my life and it was on the first anniversary of Mum's passing which was compounded by my dear Dad’s passing a few months earlier, that I felt compelled to get away, so my husband Richard and I went for a well needed holiday in Gran Canaria which was where I experienced my first significant ‘Miracle’ story with a stranger. I had noticed one particular couple during our week, as the lady needed crutches to make her way around the resort, so whilst sitting by the pool on our last day I felt drawn to speak to her to see if I could help. She explained to me how she had injured her Achilles’ heel whilst skipping with her granddaughter and had had problems for 6 months. She had tried different things- even been to a Harley Street specialist- and after her week on holiday was still feeling no better and quite anxious of the reality of still being debilitated by her injury after all this time. I offered her some Reiki - a technique she hadn’t heard of before- and she accepted with intrigue. I explained how it worked as I sat next her on the sun bed whilst simultaneously giving her Reiki. She felt some heat and we both felt tingling and when we finished I asked her to drink plenty of water. She thanked me and we parted company.

The next day we met queuing up for the coach to leave. I asked her how she was and she explained that her foot had given her some discomfort during the night though it actually felt slightly improved that morning. I explained to her how she probably experienced what is known as a ‘healing crisis’. Not everyone gets one, it’s just sometimes the healing causes some discomfort as it releases toxins and is mending. Though going to different destination airports, we were fortunately on the same coach to the airport so sat together and gave some more Reiki on the journey. I then offered her some distance healing on the following Thursday morning at 6.00am, so we exchanged telephone numbers and said our goodbyes at the airport. The following Saturday morning I was out at a rehearsal for a show, so Richard took a call from this same lady who was in tears. She told Richard that she was so happy, that her foot was better and she was walking around the kitchen with no crutches. It was absolutely brilliant news! As a thank you they invited us to Rochester for Dickens' weekend and took us out for a lovely meal in the evening. It was brilliant and such a thrill to see her walking about all day without her sticks. It was a realisation of the true power of Reiki and what a blessing it was to be a channel for this universal healing energy. I felt it was a real celebration of the parting gift I had received from my Mum.

With many more wonderful experiences I chose to become a Reiki Master Teacher myself so I can pass the Reiki attunement on to others.

I have also acquired a number of other complimentary therapies and techniques along the way. These include Indian Head Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT and also known as Tapping), Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Bereavement Counselling, Spiritual Counselling as well as Life Coaching and Personal Development skills as well as being an Interfaith Minister. I feel very blessed to have experienced an amazing personal transformation and as I continue to grow and learn daily, I delight in the wonder of it all. In fact I am so thankful to Mum, who I truly believe gave me life twice – Initially when she gave birth to me then a new and exciting lease of my life when in the last few days of her life, she left me her legacy of the importance of well-being and inner Trust.

Indeed, it was a revelation to me when I was preparing my first personal funeral service as I was wondering at one point “How on earth did I end up here?” I suddenly imagined myself back at my dear Mum’s funeral service. I had been blessed with the privilege of writing her eulogy and remembered looking at the lay preacher who was speaking my words. I was thinking what a wonderful role that was to respectfully honour peoples’ loved ones as they said their goodbyes. I was emotionally unable to say those words myself, so was grateful for his gentle respect and warm, kind manner. I know I wondered fleetingly how someone managed to do that ‘as a job’ – and then that fleeting thought was forgotten - Until now! So here I am – all these years later, through a series of events and countless intuitive actions, I now found myself in that same privileged position – and feeling so at home and so very grateful to everyone who has helped me arrive at this point in my life…and I just know that beautiful woman - my Mum, has inspired me to follow my heart and be responsible, honest and true to my inner calling. REMEMBER – you are unique, so to take good care of yourself and take responsibility for your health and well-being by seeking knowledge, help and support, gather all relevant information with medical advice for your health from your doctor. There is a wide range of complementary treatments available now, some of which may be available on the NHS through referral from your doctor or hospital: – Which ones are you drawn towards? Which ones will work best for you? Ask your doctor if they are available on the NHS. Remember to eat healthy and nutritious food i.e. quality not quantity! Also maintain a healthy appetite for knowledge and so continually challenge and question your options, and do your research wherever appropriate – there is a wealth of information available to us all. Ask for help I have the benefits of being able to listen, intuitively use and combine therapies acquired over many years and if appropriate, it would be a privilege to share them with you as you develop your own holistic and positive experience on your personal journey to optimum health and well-being. You can contact me to arrange your free initial 30 minute pre-session consultation when we can meet each other and together see where we go from there.

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My Qualifications

Reverend Patricia Norman - Interfaith Minister and Spritual Counseller. Ordained July 2010, see Interfaith Seminary programme

Reiki Master Teacher Training Certificate from the Natural Healing School of Reiki - 18th May 2000

Certificate as Practitioner of Meridian Therapies (EFT) from the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies- 6th/7th December 2003

Indian Head Massage Diploma from the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies - 30th June 2000

Client Centered Therapy - Master Class at Brunel University wiith Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy - 29th April 2006

Working with Loss and Bereavement 21st May 2005 - James Golding (Teacher)

United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists Association Practical Training Program in Trance Induction Application - March 12th 2006

Positive Mental Attitude, setting SMARTER Goals and commitment to Ongoing Personal Development Through Coaching 2003 - Rainbow Promise Consultancy

I have also been working as a practitioner of healing therapies for the past 9 years, both on a voluntary and a professional basis.

Animal Communication Training 1 (ACT1), December 2007






Trish Norman,
4 Natural Healing,
Woking, Surrey, UK.


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