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   Trish Norman



Natural Therapies & Interfaith Ceremonies

Optimum Health & Wellbeing - the Holistic Approach

I am a natural healing therapist based in Woking , Surrey. I am also an Interfaith Minister, ordained as a Reverend in July 2010. Itís great to know you have found my site where I share my passion to promote a holistic approach to optimum health and wellbeing for us all.

Having been introduced to a local healing group in 1998 as a result of personal loss, I discovered for myself the benefits and real value of natural healing techniques and, in particular, a very simple yet powerful technique called Reiki.

I have had the privilege of being a Reiki Master Teacher since 2000 and I have, since then, also studied and acquired a number of other therapies and techniques which include Meridian Therapies (EFT), Indian Head Massage and hypnosis. With all these techniques, along with my own life experiences, I sensitively promote well being and help people to deal with life's situations i.e. stress management, weight management, smoking cessation, coping with bereavement, phobias and self esteem issues.

I also became an Interfaith Minister in 2010. It was a truly amazing and often intense two year programme Ė an experience and journey of deep learning and self discovery. What a great honour it has been exploring different faiths and creating, experiencing and ministering very unique, personal, intimate ceremonies and services. These have included:

- Wedding

- Baby naming blessings

- Funeral services

- Home blessings

- Rites of Passage

- Other general blessings & celebration ceremonies and services.

My aim is to create a beautiful experience to reflect you and your loved one(s), to meet you exactly where you are, and to align with your beliefs, whatever that means to you and yours.

I take great pleasure in using my learnings to provide for you a holistic, positive and personal experience.

Do contact me for a free initial consultation. If you are interested in learning the technique for yourself, find out more about our Reiki Training Courses.
Also, take a look at William Lee Randís excellent site www.reiki.org to find out more about Reiki healing.





Trish Norman,
4 Natural Healing,
Woking, Surrey, UK.


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- Reiki healing therapy
- Indian Head Massage
- Emotional Freedom
      Technique (EFT)
- Self Esteem/Confidence
- Weight Management
- Smoking Cessation
- Stress Management
- Coping with Bereavement
- Phobia Management
- Hypno-healing
- Wedding Ceremonies
- Funeral Ceremonies
- Baby naming Ceremonies
- Special Ceremonies